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Promoting uniformity of urban design and construction across Iowa.

What's New

2016 Edition Revisions

The 2016 Edition revisions to the SUDAS Design Manual and SUDAS Standard Specifications were distributed in early December. If you did not receive your packets or have an update to your contact information, please contact Beth Richards ( or 515-294-2869). Please note with the Specifications revisions - the printing company made a mistake and printed the edition card (the paper that goes in the spine of your binder) on the wrong color of card stock. They sent new cards to everyone; please make sure to use the orange card in your Specifications binder.

The following is a summary of the major changes for the 2016 Edition of the SUDAS Design Manual: Added information to the pavement thickness design section to reflect the results of IHRB research project TR-640 dealing with foundation performance of PCC pavements. Developed new section on permeable interlocking pavers. Created new section on complete streets. Modified topsoil requirements to match recent changes to General Permit No. 2.

The following is a summary of the major changes for the 2016 Edition of the SUDAS Standard Specifications: Added elliptical RCP as a storm sewer product. Added polypropylene pipe as a sanitary sewer product. Expanded specifications to allow more sewage air release valves. Modified initial flushing requirements to match a recent AWWA C 651 change. Added expanded polypropylene adjustment rings for manholes and intakes. Added heat shrink sleeve infiltration barriers. Developed a new section on permeable interlocking pavers. Expanded Division 11 to include new sections on mobilization, pavement markings, temporary services during construction, temporary sidewalk access, and concrete washout.

Temporary Traffic Control

SUDAS staff developed an updated Temporary Traffic Control Handbook through an Iowa Highway Reserach Board project. One copy of the handbook was distributed to each county office and each city office with a population over 1,000 people. If you would like to request additional copies, please complete this form. Click here for an electronic version of the handbook. The handbook will also be used in upcoming Iowa LTAP trainings.

SUDAS Manuals

PLEASE remember the SUDAS program consists of two manuals - the Design Manual and the Standard Specifications. If you have both manuals in your office, please make sure you carefully read anything we mail to you. The binders for the two manuals look very similar or might be the same (depending on when you purchased your SUDAS Standard Specifications). This does not mean it's the same manual!!! If you have questions about your manuals, please compare the contents of the manual to this website or call us for clarification.

SUDAS mail lists

If you own copies of the SUDAS manuals, please make sure to let us know when your address or point of contact might change. Since we issue annual revisions for free to current manual holders, we rely on you to let us know when something changes.

SUDAS district meetings

If you are interested in participating in the SUDAS district meetings, check out the district meeting page and contact Beth Richards (

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