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Promoting uniformity of urban design and construction across Iowa.

What's New


The Iowa Legislature adopted and Governor Branstad signed into law Senate File 438 on April 13, 2017. The bill was effective for any public improvement contract entered into on or after that date. See the attached document for detailed information, the link to the actual bill, and the proposed changes to the SUDAS Specifications.

2017 Edition Revisions

The 2017 Edition revisions to the SUDAS Design Manual and SUDAS Standard Specifications were distributed in mid-December. If you did not receive your packets or have an update to your contact information, please contact Beth Richards ( or 515-294-2869). The major Design Manual changes included updating the asphalt mixtures selection procedure to reflect changes in asphalt binders and their designations; updating the traffic signal design parameters to the 2013 AASHTO standard; and various other revisions to generally update the manual. The major Specifications changes included adding specifications information and new figures for concrete and corrugated pipe aprons; revising the hot mix asphalt specifications to reflect changes in asphalt binders and their designations; updating the traffic signal specifications to reflect the 2013 AASHTO standards; updating the construction survey specifications to reflect recent legal changes; and moving the pavement markings section from Division 11 to Division 8. To see the full revision packets, check out the Latest Revisions page.

Iowa DNR Separation Update

Over the past couple of years, the Iowa DNR has been working with a group from the ACEC of Iowa and SUDAS to develop updates to the separation requirements for sanitary sewers and storm sewers with water mains. Preliminary changes were sent out by DNR staff. Comments were received and final drafts prepared. The process of implementing the changes to the Administrative Rules is expected to begin in December 2016.

Temporary Traffic Control

SUDAS staff developed an updated Temporary Traffic Control Handbook through an Iowa Highway Reserach Board project. One copy of the handbook was distributed to each county office and each city office with a population over 1,000 people. If you would like to request additional copies, please complete this form. Click here for an electronic version of the handbook. The handbook is also used in Iowa LTAP trainings.

SUDAS Manuals

PLEASE remember the SUDAS program consists of two manuals - the Design Manual and the Standard Specifications. If you have both manuals in your office, please make sure you carefully read anything we mail to you. The binders for the two manuals look very similar or might be the same (depending on when you purchased your SUDAS Standard Specifications). This does not mean it's the same manual!!! If you have questions about your manuals, please compare the contents of the manual to this website or call us for clarification.

SUDAS mail lists

If you own copies of the SUDAS manuals, please make sure to let us know when your address or point of contact might change. Since we issue annual revisions for free to current manual holders, we rely on you to let us know when something changes.

SUDAS district meetings

If you are interested in participating in the SUDAS district meetings, check out the district meeting page and contact Beth Richards (