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General Supplemental Design Standards

The following items were approved at the SUDAS Board of Directors meetings on May 12, 2017 and November 14, 2017. The printed revisions will be distributed in December.

  • Water valve box types (Section 4C-1, D): Clarifying when to use slide type valve boxes and when to use screw type boxes.
  • Low design speed (Section 5C-1, Table 5C-1.02): Expanded Table 5C-1.02 footnotes for low speed horizontal curve radius.
  • Asphalt binder and grade (Section 5D-1, C, 6): Updating information on binder selection for northern tiers of counties, intermediate and base layers, and for overlays.
  • Joint durability mixes (Section 5E-1): Added information on joint durability mixes (C-SUD) to match recent research and clarified information on admixtures.
  • Jointing of concrete roundabouts (Section 5G-6): New section providing guidance on selecting a jointing type and layout of a jointing pattern for PCC roundabouts.
  • Automated machine guidance (Section 5H-1): Developed new section to address automated machine guidance and stringless paving.
  • Pavement overlays (Section 5J-1): New section for HMA and PCC overlays and associated interlayers.
  • Buffered and separated bicycle lanes (Sections 5M-1 and 12B-3): Expanding bicycle lane descriptions in the complete streets section and adding more detailed design information on buffered and separated bicycle lanes in Section 12B-3.
  • Filter socks (Design Section 7E-4; Spec Section 9040, 3.07, A and Figure 9040.102): Updated requirements for filter socks to reflect current construction practices.
  • Depth of bury for polypropylene pipe (Section 9B-5): Adding depth of bury information for polypropylene pipe.
  • Crash experience (Section 13B-1): Added interim change to Warrant #7 (Crash Experience).

Page revised: November 14, 2017