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The current version of the SUDAS Design Manual is the 2018 Edition

The SUDAS manuals are revised once a year, usually in the fall. When the SUDAS Board of Directors approves changes to the SUDAS Design Manual, those changes can be found on the General Supplemental Design Standards page. We do not update the website to a new edition until the paper copies of the revision packets are being distributed to our manual holders. Previous editions of the SUDAS Design Manual can be found here.

How to Use the Design Manual

The SUDAS Design Manual is written to the engineer developing a specific project.  The manual is an excellent tool for the design engineer to use as the particular aspects of a project are being addressed.  It is not a textbook, but rather a document that provides design guidance through references to appropriate national standards and regulations in Iowa.  The Design Manual is a direct complement to the SUDAS Standard Specifications.  It has been developed and updated with the involvement of engineers from cities, counties, state agencies, and consultants from across the state.

The subjects included cover almost all of the typical public works projects and are applicable to private, as well as public projects.  The initial chapter provides general information about project design, including typical types of information to include.  Guidance is provided about bid item descriptions, items that need to be specified because of the nature of the menu specifications, and proprietary products that meet the standard specifications.  The remaining chapters address specific types of projects.  Each chapter starts with a general description of the elements dealing with the project type, followed by detailed information about that design.  Examples are often included as a means of further clarification of the design concepts.   

In addition to the information provided in the Design Manual, the engineer needs to consult with the jurisdiction responsible for the project to ascertain specific elements that may be required by the agency. 

Nothing in the Design Manual limits the designer’s use of new and/or innovative technology.  The engineer should consider the value gained for the project at hand or future projects as new products or construction techniques are evaluated.  Evaluation of the new product or technique must include a comparison to established standards and generally accepted practices prior to incorporation into the project.     

Be sure to check the Supplemental Design Standards page to see if any changes to the Design Manual have been approved by the SUDAS Board of Directors.