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The current version of the SUDAS Standard Specifications is the 2018 Edition

The SUDAS manuals are revised once a year, usually in the fall. When the SUDAS Board of Directors approves changes to the SUDAS Standard Specifications, those changes can be found on the General Supplemental Specifications page. We do not update the website to a new edition until the paper copies of the revision packets are being distributed to our manual holders. Previous editions of the SUDAS Standard Specifications can be found here.

How to Use the Specifications Manual

The SUDAS Standard Specifications Manual is written to the contractor.  The engineer provides specific requirements through the specifications for the contractor to complete the project.  These standard specifications were developed with the involvement of engineers and construction industry representatives from across the state.  The initial division includes the specific bidding requirements, legal requirements related to public contracts in Iowa, and contractual requirements that must be met to successfully complete the project.

The Specifications Manual is set up in a consistent three-part format.  The first part, general, provides a description of the type of work, as well as any specific requirements of the project.  It also lists what work activities are included in each bid item and how each item will be measured and paid for. 

The second part of each division lists a menu of acceptable products to be used to accomplish the project.  If the engineer does not specify which products can or cannot be used, the contractor may select from the included products to incorporate into the project. 

Construction requirements are included in the third part of each division, called execution.  The construction activities are tailored to the specific products used.  In addition, figures are included to further clarify construction or product requirements.  If specific testing processes are required, they may be included within the execution requirements or as a separate section within the division.

Before compiling their bids, it is critical for contractors to check the special provisions for each contract and also any supplemental specifications that the contracting authority may have that modify the standard specifications.  These documents supersede the standard specifications and take precedence as the work is pursued.

Be sure to check the General Supplemental Specifications page to see if any changes to the Specifications Manual have been approved by the SUDAS Board of Directors.

Archived Specifications

Iowa DOT Electronic Reference Library (ERL) - The SUDAS Specifications are included on Iowa DOT's ERL.