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General Supplemental Specifications

The following items were approved at the SUDAS Board of Directors meeting on May 12, 2017 and November 14, 2017. The printed revisions will be distributed in December.

  • Qualification of bidders (various): Deleting bidder prequalification requirements to reflect changes to Iowa law.
  • Trench stabilization materials (Section 3010, 2.05): Adding a standard gradation option (Iowa DOT Gradation No. 13).
  • Welder certification (Section 3020, 2.02, B, 1): Revising to align with Iowa DOT changes in welder certification by an American Welding Society accredited facility.
  • Pipe connection for storm sewer (Figure 4020.211): Removing the word “special” from the title of the figure.
  • PVC water main pipe (Section 5010, 2.01, A): Deleted references to AWWA C905 due to combining of AWWA C900 and C905.
  • Water valve and hydrant removal items (Section 5020, 1.08): Added to measurement and payment items for water valve, valve box, and hydrant assembly removal.
  • Concrete fillet (Section 6010 and Figures 6010.301-304, 401-404, 406, 501-506, 511-513): Changing the term “invert” to “concrete fillet.”
  • Core openings in storm sewer manholes and intakes (Section 6010, 3.05, D): Added a cored opening option for storm sewer connections.
  • 4 inch slope curb (Figures 6010.507-510): Added the option of a 4 inch curb height in addition to the standard 6 inch curb for open throat intakes.
  • Intermediate aggregate and mix design (Section 7010, 2.01 and 2.02): Added intermediate aggregate; expanded mix design to add C-SUD mixes and modifications to SCM substitution rates.
  • Use of fly ash and slag (Section 7010, 2.02, C): Remove the restriction for use of fly ash and slag only with ready mix concrete.
  • Laser guided screed and concrete pumping (Section 7010, 3.01, B & C and 3.02, F): Adding to the specifications to allow the use of laser guided screeds and concrete pumping.
  • PCC overlay pavement (Sections 7010 and 7011): New section for PCC overlays projects.
  • HMA overlay pavement (Sections 7020 and 7021): New section for HMA overlays projects.
  • Sidewalk consolidation (Section 7030, 3.04, B): Clarify that sidewalk thickness less than 5 inches do not require use of a vibrator.
  • Form setting and testing (Section 7030, 3.04 and 3.08): Adding criteria for when the Engineer would check form work prior to concrete placement; also adding requirements for testing.
  • Pavement rehabilitation (Section 7040): Updating information on partial depth patches and added a section on dowel bar retrofit for PCC pavements.
  • Traffic signal anchor bolts (Section 8010, 2.05, C, 3 and Figure 8010.102, sheet 1): Updated the traffic signal anchor bolt requirements to reflect current manufacturing practices.
  • Temporary traffic control (Section 8030): New section to provide standard temporary traffic control layouts.
  • Bonded fiber matrix (Section 9010, 2.07): Removing some of the physical requirements for hydraulic mulch so approval is based on performance and to align with the DOT.
  • Seeding (Section 9010, 3.01, 3.04, and 3.05): Modified/expanded to match current practice and the Iowa DOT.
  • Filter socks (Design Section 7E-4; Spec Section 9040, 3.07, A and Figure 9040.102): Updated requirements for filter socks to reflect current construction practices.

Page revised: November 14, 2017