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SUDAS Board of Directors

Board Agenda
Board Meeting Minutes

About the Board

The affairs and management of this Corporation, including the control and distribution of its property and funds, are vested in the Board of Directors. All powers of this Corporation, including the power to amend and adopt bylaws, are vested in the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall be the policymaking body of the Corporation and have, but not limited to, the following powers of the Corporation:

  • Act on issues and requests brought by stakeholders.
  • Review and approve design standards and standard specifications changes.
  • Provide policy and direction to contract staff.
  • Have established meetings with participants that will present information gathered and serve as a sounding board and idea exchange forum.
  • Assist in coordination of studies and research provided by member entities and outside sources.
  • Approve the yearly work plan and the budget.
  • Actively promote the vision, mission, and purpose.
  • Elect a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer from its membership at its annual business meeting.

The SUDAS Board of Directors meets two times per year (or more if deemed necessary) and consists of 38 members representing various stakeholder groups and organizations.

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