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Agenda for SUDAS District Meetings
October 2017

The files included below have not been approved by the Board of Directors and are merely DRAFT revisions to the SUDAS manuals.


  1. Minutes of the previous meetings and schedule of district meetings
    The minutes of the April meetings will be considered.  The proposed schedule of district meetings will be presented.
  2. Board of Directors meeting minutes
    A summary of actions at the May 12, 2017 Board webinar will be presented.

Design Manual Items

  1. Low design speed (Section 5C-1, Table 5C-1.02)
    Expanded Table 5C-1.02 footnotes for low speed horizontal curve radius.
  2. Joint durability mixes (Section 5E-1)
    Added information on joint durability mixes (C-SUD) to match recent research and clarified information on admixtures.
  3. Pavement thickness design (Section 5F-1)
    Updated and expanded truck mix tables; modified parameters to use AASHTO charts for seasonal variability, Resilient Modulus, and Modulus of Subgrade Reaction; developed new thickness tables.
  4. Automated machine guidance (Section 5H-1)
    Developed new section to address automated machine guidance and stringless paving.
  5. Cold-in-place recycling (Section 5J-2)
    Developed a new section for design considerations for cold-in-place recycling (CIR) projects.
  6. Full depth reclamation (Section 5J-3)
    Developed a new section identifying the design elements for full depth reclamation (FDR) projects.
  7. General Permit No. 2 updates (Sections 7A-1 and 7B-1)
    Updated the requirements to reflect changes in General Permit No. 2 regulations (to be effective February 1, 2018).
  8. Filter socks (Section 7E-4)
    Updated requirements for filter socks to reflect current construction practices.
  9. Crash experience (Section 13B-1)
    Added interim change to Warrant #7 (Crash Experience).

Specifications Manual Items

  1. Automated machine guidance (Sections 1040, 1.05; 1050, 1.15; 7010; and 11,010, 3.03)
    Added information on electronic files and work completed using automated machine guidance (AMG) as well as requirements to use stringless paving techniques.
  2. Pipe connection for storm sewer (Figure 4020.211)
    Removing the word “special” from the title of the figure.
  3. Water valve and hydrant removal items (Section 5020, 1.08)
    Added to measurement and payment items for water valve, valve box, and hydrant removal.
  4. Core openings in storm sewer manholes (Section 6010, 3.05, D)
    Made the default connection to a storm sewer structure a cored opening similar to sanitary sewer manholes.
  5. Concrete fillet (Section 6010 and Figures 6010.301, 6010.303, 6010.401, 6010.501, 6010.502, 6010.506, 6010.511, and 6010.513)
    Changing the term “invert” to “concrete fillet.”
  6. 4 inch slope curb (Figures 6010.507, 6010.508, 6010.509, and 6010.510)
    Added the option of a 4 inch curb height in addition to the standard 6 inch curb for open throat intakes.
  7. Intermediate aggregate and mix design (Section 7010, 2.01 and 2.02)
    Added intermediate aggregate; expanded mix design to add C-SUD mixes and modifications to SCM substitution rates.
  8. Cold-in-place recycling (Section 7090)
    Added a new section for CIR of asphalt roadways.
  9. Full depth reclamation (Section 7091)
    Added a new section for FDR of asphalt roadways.
  10. Traffic signal anchor bolts (Section 8010, 2.05, C, 3 and Figure 8010.102)
    Updated the traffic signal anchor bolt requirements to reflect current manufacturing practices.
  11. Seeding (Section 9010, 3.01, 3.04, and 3.05)
    Modified/expanded to match current practice and the Iowa DOT.
  12. Filter socks (Section 9040, 3.07, A and Figure 9040.102)
    Modified to reflect current construction practices.


  1. Discussion items
    1. Percent of a contract that can be assigned to subcontractors
    2. How much prime gets for change orders for subcontractors
    3. Tracer wire for trenchless applications
    4. How do you handle removal of air from water mains?
    5. Add precast wet wells to Section 6010?
    6. Alternative concrete pavement thickness checks versus cores
    7. Continue to allow brick sidewalks in standards?
    8. Other?
  2. Products and/or research
    1. Articulated concrete block erosion control mats
    2. Additives that address sulfide action on sanitary sewer manholes or pipes
      1. Con-Shield
      2. Masterlife AMA 100
      3. Xypex

Page revised: October 3, 2017