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Agenda for SUDAS District Meetings
April 2018

The files included below have not been approved by the Board of Directors and are merely DRAFT revisions to the SUDAS manuals.


  1. Minutes of the previous meetings and schedule of district meetings
    The minutes of the October meeting and February webinar will be considered.  The schedule of district meetings will be presented.
  2. Board of Directors meeting minutes
    A summary of actions at the November 14, 2017 Board webinar will be presented.
  3. Expanded use of SUDAS
    Discussion of using SUDAS Specifications for non-federal aid projects let by the Iowa DOT.
  4. Use of mid-year update
    Are the updates posted on our website after the May Board meeting and October ERL actually used?

Design Manual Items

  1. HMA binder grades (Design Section 5D-1; Spec Section 7021, 2.04)
    Modified binder grades per new climate information.
  2. Pavement thickness design (Section 5F-1)
    Updated and expanded truck mix tables; modified parameters to use AASHTO charts for seasonal variability, resilient modulus, and modulus of subgrade reaction; developed new thickness tables.
  3. Cold-in-place recycling (Design Section 5J-2 and Spec Section 7090)
    Developed new Design and Spec sections for cold-in-place recycling (CIR) projects.
  4. Full depth reclamation (Design Section 5J-3 and Spec Section 7091)
    Developed new Design and Spec sections for full depth reclamation (FDR) projects.
  5. General Permit No. 2 updates (Sections 7A-1 and 7B-1)
    Updated the requirements to reflect changes in General Permit No. 2 regulations (effective March 1, 2018).
  6. Brick sidewalks and ADA compliance (Section 12A-2, E)
    Enhanced design information on the use of bricks and pavers in pedestrian access routes.

Specifications Manual Items

  1. Contract subletting requirement (Section 1080, 1.01, A)
    Modified the limitation that the prime contractor had to be responsible for 50% of the contract.
  2. Water main tracer wire (Section 5010, 2.05, B)
    Modified tracer wire requirements for trenchless installations.
  3. Brick sidewalk requirements (Section 7030, 1.08, F; 2.03-2.07; 3.06-3.07 and Figure 7030.203)
    Deleted sand bedding and modify brick/paver requirements to meet ADA.
  4. Traffic signal pole foundations in rock (Figure 8010.102)
    Added option for placement in rock.
  5. Anchor plate (Section 9080, 2.05, A, 1 and Figures 9080.101 - 9080.103)
    Corrected the dimensions of the anchor plate for safety rail to be consistent with what is actually used.


  1. Discussion items
    1. Add all Iowa DOT intake standards to SUDAS?
    2. Revisit recommended lane widths and curb offsets in complete streets section to address traffic calming and walkability concepts, especially for already built-up areas (NACTO recommendations)?
    3. Modify default on steps in manholes?
    4. Consistency in use of rock subbase for cast-in-place manhole/intake construction?
    5. Railroad crossing bid items - lump sum or break into parts?
    6. Add detail for internal manhole drop?
    7. Add details for tying storm sewer pipe joints on steep installations (similar to Iowa DOT)?
    8. Provide bid items for structural concrete and reinforcing steel for cast-in-place manholes and intakes?
    9. Concrete compression test cylinders - 6”, 4”, or both?
    10. Develop specifications for non-destructive measurements of PCC slab thickness?
    11. Iowa DOT changes to pavement smoothness Section 2317 to initiate IRI indexes?
    12. Other?
  2. Products and/or research
    1. Add Inserta Tee for sewer service connections?

Page revised: March 29, 2018