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Demonstration of Integrated Pervious Pavement System for Management of Stormwater Quality and Quantity


Principal investigator: LaDon Jones, 515-294-0641, , Iowa State University

Co-principal investigators:

Project status


Start date: 04/01/05
End date: 11/30/06


Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Natural Resources

About the research

The overall goal of integrated pervious pavement systems is two-fold: 1) to reduce volume of direct runoff from the pavement surface by direct infiltration of the water through the pavement surface and into the subbase/subgrade; and 2) to provide enhancement of stormwater quality by directing the sheet flow of water through the pervious concrete and underlying porous subbase structure. This project is focused on the design of PC pervious concrete for use in the cold wet-freeze environment found in Iowa and the Upper Midwest. It will evaluate the mix design for durability, porosity, and improved stormwater runoff management.