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Developing a Rural and Urban Roadway Lighting Practical Design Guide for Iowa

Overhead flashing light next to stop sign

Use of overhead flashing beacons at all-way stop intersections


Principal investigator: Neal Hawkins, 515-294-7733,

Co-principal investigators:

Student researchers:

Project status


Start date: 08/01/05
End date: 03/31/08


Report: February 2008, Strategies to Address Nighttime Crashes at Rural, Unsignalized Intersections 2.71 mb (*pdf)

Related publications: Strategies to Address Nighttime Crashes at Rural, Unsignalized Intersections 168 kb *pdf (Tech transfer summary), February 2008

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Sponsor(s): Iowa Department of Transportation

About the research

Citizens request the installation of roadway lighting in their communities based on several motivations, including the experience or perception that lighting improves traffic safety and reduces crime, while also providing a tangible benefit of taxpayer dollars at work. Roadway authority staff fully appreciate these citizen concerns; however, roadway lighting is expensive to install, supply energy to, and maintain in perpetuity. The installation of roadway lighting is only one of a number of strategies agencies have to address nighttime crash concerns. This research assists local agencies in deciding when, where, and how much rural intersection lighting to provide.